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◆ Staff ◆

SHIN (Shin Yoshigiwa・吉際 真)

Stylist experience    3years
Use language        Japanese,English(During study)
Birthplace              Kumagaya,Saitama,Japan
Hobby                   Touring, camera, Karaoke(Shout and sing)


I will do my best to make you happy by Japanese “O-mo-te-na-si”(Japanese style service)!

I am studying English so hope to become a fluent speaker.

I have just came to Vancouver in the beginning of February,2017.

Please tell me your recommendations of visiting spots in Vancouver, Canada!

Thank you.

Top Stylist
HARU (Harumi Kubo・久保 晴美 )

Stylist experience   10 years
Use language        Japanese,English
Birthplace             Osaka,Japan
Hobby                   Snowboarding,Watching DVD,Window shopping
Message                I have 8 and 2 years of experience as a hairdresser in Japan and Canada respectively.I would like to advice about hair style,coloring,hair care etc.Please feel free to ask me anything.
I will do my best to get a lot of smiles from customers.
I’m looking forward to meeting you from February 2017.See you soon!


Rika (Rika Takeguchi 竹口 利香)

  • Use language  Japanese, English
  • Birthplace       Osaka, Japan
  • Hobby             Watching tv-shows and movies. And I’m good at cooking TAKOYAKI which is my soul food!
  • Message         It’s nice to join the Nexus Kitsilano this spring. I’m looking forward to greeting customers, hope to see you soon!

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Kitsilano Vancouver

Kitsilano Vancouver

TEL. (778)379-9675(Reservations first)

2702 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6K 1R1
13-minute drive from Burrard Station / 13-minute drive from Broadway-City Hall Station

Open Wednesday - Monday. Closed Tuesday & Holidays.

Monday: 10am-8pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 10am-8pm
Thursday: 10am-8pm
Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-7pm
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