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Shin (Shin Yoshigiwa)

Stylist experienc    2year in Canada, 5years in Japan
Use language        Japanese,English
Birthplace             Japan
Loves                    Camera
Skills and Qualifications

I began my path to become a hairstylist six years ago. After working for over five years in Japan, where I placed in several competitions, I made the journey to Canada to begin working with clients in Vancouver. I specialize in men’s short to medium styles, excell at crew cuts, undercuts and fades. Clients looking for anything from that classic short style to edgy modern cuts trust me for my expertise and passion. I love providing the best possible service for my clients and discovering together exactly what clients desire.
I ensure you will know how to properly care for your new cut before taking it to the street. If you’re looking for a change of style or a new look, I would love to be the hairstylist to help navigate that change.


Instagram @shin_hair_ or  @shin_photograph

Kei (Keisuke Shimada)

Stylist experienc           New in Canada, 3years in Japan.
•Use language                Japanese , Studying English.
•Birthplace                     Japan
•Loves.                           Music ,Netflix
•Birthday                        1997 / 02/ 16
I came to Vancouver on Working-Holiday Visa. I can not speak English right now ( July 2019), but I am studying and looking forward to be able to talk to my customer in English soon.

l would like to show you the excellent Japanese Barber technics which I have learned for 3 years. In addition, I do my best with Japanese hospitality “O MO TE NA SHI”. Hope you feel “Japanese Barber is so wonderful “, “NEXUS is the top of the Japanese Barber”.
I promise you to give an impression “This is made in Japan”.
Thank you

May The Force Be With You


日本で学んだ3年間の理容技術と接客技術を提供しお客様に感動できるように尽くします。日本の “おもてなし” を感じさせ「日本のサロンは素晴らしい」「 NEXUSこそ日本のサロン」と思われるよう、そしてこれぞ「made in Japan」と言われるように頑張ります。

Instagram   @kei_nexus


Rika (Rika Takeguchi)

  • Use language  Japanese, English
  • Birthplace       Osaka, Japan
  • Loves             Watching tv-shows and movies. And I’m good at cooking TAKOYAKI which is my soul food!
  • Message         It’s nice to join the Nexus Kitsilano. I’m looking forward to greeting customers, hope to see you soon!

> NEXUS > NEXUS Kitsilano Vancouver > Staff & Calendar

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