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Hair styling products

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Hair styling products are the items we need to set up our hair.

These are the differences of hair styling products.

Our stylists would like to advice you which one works better for you.



*Get hair volume and movement

*For all length (Short – Long hair)

~How to use // Styling with wax after drying hair completely.




*Get hair moisture, glossy and wave

~How to use // Shake sprays and take foam on your palm. Penetrate it from the middle of hair to ends.




*Less sticky than pomade

*Easy to rinse out with water

*For all length(Short – Long hair)

*Able to mix with hair wax to get glossy

*Better to use it for a little wet hair




*Keep stylings longer

*The best for very short hair

~How to use // Put some hair after dry with towel. Will be formal style if you comb.



[Hair cream]

*Get hair moisture

*Arrange soft style

*Avoid to get dry



[Hair spray]

*Use it after set hair with wax or moose

*Keep stylings longer

~How to use // spray 20-30cm away from hair

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> NEXUS > NEXUS Kitsilano Vancouver > Blog > Hair styling products

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