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Get haircut at Taian(大安)!



What is Taian(大安)?

In Japan,we tend to choose the good date to do something important such as wedding, moving house and getting haircut!

The luckiest day is called “taian”(大安) in the Japanese calendar.

在日本大安”即为黄道吉日、结婚、搬家,旅行,剪发多选此日。 中国有老黄历,就是某日宜什么忌什么,分得比较细,而日本的文化是继承了中国的的衣钵,所以也有黄历。 大安是六曜中最大吉的一天。诸事皆宜,被认为是没有不成功的一天。 不过,原来有说法,这天其实应该不适合做任何事。

Taian(大安)in 2017 is…

April : 5,11,17,23,27

May : 3,9,15,21,26

June : 1,7,13,19,24,30

July : 6,12,18,28

August : 3,9,15,21,26

September : 1,7,13,19,23,29

October : 5,11,17,22,28

November : 3,9,15,19,25

December : 1,7,13,18,24,30

Pick a day and come to get your hair changed!


> NEXUS > NEXUS Kitsilano Vancouver > Blog > Get haircut at Taian(大安)!

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