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The stylist,HARU(晴美)

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IMG_1554[Specialty] Coloring, Up do

[Hobby] Shopping, Doing exercise, watching TV

[Strong point] I’m good at playing TV games, especially horror and scary games.


[how to spend day off] Watching TV, hanging out with friends.

[Which animal are you similar to?] Sloth. Because it’s so hard for me to wake up on my holidays.

[The attraction of working as a hairdresser] It is very enjoyable to meet many people,make them happy and see their smiles. It always make me feel I could achieve one of my goals as a hairdresser.

[Message] I’m happy to work and study lots of things here,also to have relaxing time.

Of course I love to meet customers at our hair salon.

I would like to make everyone happy with my technique.We are waiting many people who want to try Japanese haircut or service.Thank you.


[特技] 染发,高发髻

[爱好] 买东西,做运动,看电视。

[拿手技术] 电视游戏。特别是恐怖游戏。

[出身地] 大阪

[休日干什么] 看电视,跟朋友逛街。

[像什么动物] 树懒。应为休日早上起不来。

[理发师的魅力] 有很多机会见到很多人。经常有充实感,达成的感觉。很高兴看到客人喜欢我做的发型。

[message] 我很高兴在这儿工作和学习很多事情,还有我会过轻松的时间。我爱见到很多人过来我们的美发室。我的技术一定会让你开心。欢迎很多人过来试一试日式美发服务。谢谢!




> NEXUS > NEXUS Kitsilano Vancouver > Blog > The stylist,HARU(晴美)

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