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The stylist,SHIN(真)

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[Specialty] Men’s cut, shaving

[Hobby] Take pictures of motor bikes with scenery

[Strong point] Imitate Mr.Anago(The character of “Sazae-san”which is Japanese well-known comic)

[Birthplace] Kumagaya,Saitama prefecture.(Beside Tokyo) It’s the hottest city in Japan.

[how to spend time in holidays] Camera(Taking pictures),playing baseball and drinking sake.
I am a flexible person!

[Which animal are you similar to?] Bat. Because I am a nocturnal person.

[The attractive points of working as a hairstylist] Obviously,this job is needed over many years.
I can train up all of my skills such as techniques, resourcefulness and so on.

[Message] I love ramen very much!


[特技] 男性的剪发,刮脸(剃鬍)

[爱好] 拍模特车,风景的照片

[拿手技术] 模仿Anago(星鳗)先生。日本的人气漫画“Sazae-san”(海螺小姐)的登场人物。

[出身地] 埼玉县熊谷市。在日本夏天温度最高的城市。

[休日干什么] 拍照,打棒球,喝日本酒。我是很自由的人。

[像什么动物] 蝙蝠。应为我是夜行性人。

[理发师的魅力] 过多年也都需要的工作就是理发师。

[message] 我爱拉面!


> NEXUS > NEXUS Kitsilano Vancouver > Blog > The stylist,SHIN(真)

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