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Japanese Treatment Nano Steam

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Buy one of our hair services and get a Japanese Treatment Nano Steam (from $ 35) for free during September 2016!  Restore shiny silky hair from damage during the summer!


Have you ever wondered why your hair is damaged after having a dip in the sea? Sea water is alkaline and it damages hair. This is the same reason that frequent use of colouring and perm solutions can damage hair: alkaline. A use of mildly acidic hair conditioner helps restore the pH of hair. Having regular system treatments at hair salons before hair gets damaged is another option to keep your hair healthy.


You may know that hair is dead tissue so once it is damaged, it will never recover from the damage. Hair treatments keep your hair from extensive damage, and it is important for you to take care of your hair before it gets damaged.




> NEXUS > NEXUS Kitsilano Vancouver > Blog > Japanese Treatment Nano Steam

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